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Gourdon is a typical ancient perched village, very picturesque and popular with tourists.

For centuries, villages were built on hilltops, surrounded by ramparts. Its shops are filled with regional produce, perfume and local art.

There are some spectacular views from the square at its precipitous edge of the Loup valley and the sea with Antibes and Cap Roux in the distance. The Gorges du Loup is the most accessible of many of the dramatic gorges running down to the coast. Also, be sure to take in the view from the edge of the village from where you can see most of the coast, all the way to the Esterel.

One of the richest historical regions in France, Gourdon has a fascinating prehistoric past and the region offers the biggest concentration of prehistoric sites in the world. The château here originated as a Saracen fortress , built in the 12th century by Seigneurs du Bar. Evolving into a 13th-century château, and being completely rebuilt in 1610, its vaulted rooms are remnants of Saracen occupation.

Gourdon, and a few other parts of the French Riviera, form part of the setting of the Hitchcock-directed entertaining comedy/thriller, To Catch A Thief in 1955.

Lying between Sarlat and Cahors, and easily accessed by the Brive–Toulouse train line, Gourdon makes a quiet, pleasant base for visiting some of the major places in the French Riviera.

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VACATION RENTAL: La Pêche at Les Prinquieres one of four luxurious gîtes designed for couples
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VACATION RENTAL: La Châtaigne one of four luxurious one bedroom gîtes designed for couples
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VACATION RENTAL: Le Loyer one of four luxurious gîtes designed with couples in mind
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VACATION RENTAL: Luxurious self catering holiday gites in France Designed with couples in mind
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