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Pacentro is an historical centre situated in the National Park of Maiella and is most definitely one of the most beautiful towns in Abruzzo.


Located approximately two hours east of Rome and one hour west of the Adriatic Coast, Pacentro has remained almost unchanged for centuries. There are no cars and its maze of narrow lanes, endless flights of steps, archway passages, carved coat of arms and emblems make Pacentro one the worlds few really timeless places.

Its three castles, constructed by the counts Valva, are still standing and have been recently renovated. Santa Maria Maggiore Church was built around the sixteenth century and St. Marcello's church, founded in 1047, was restored in 1166. The oldest church in the town is that of San Marcello. It was founded in the year 1047, but rebuilt in 1166 after it was later destroyed by fire.
The oldest part of the town is one of the best-preserved medieval centres in the region. On the highest part sits the ruins of the Cantelmo Castle named for one of the feudal families that once controlled Pacentro.

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Nearest International Airports: Pescara 45 minutes, Rome 1 hour 45 minutes Nearest Beach: 45 minutes Nearest motorway junction: 10 minutes Car: recommended Local Train Station: Sulmona approximately five minutes drive Amenities: shops, restaurants, bank within a few minutes walk Other Information Pacentro Caldora Castle (which dates back to the 10th - 11th centuries) I Canaje (ancient open air laundry, built with slabs of stone) La Preta tonna (scandal stone, is a large hollowed-out rock used as an unit of measurement for grain, on which insolvent debtors were obliged to sit nude in front of the passers-by as a form of public humiliation) Piazza del Popolo - Church of Santa Mari a della Misceric ordia (16th-century Mother Church. Its imposing façade, embellished with a sculpted cornice, is graced by a charming sundial. The original entrance door is preserved inside, the remarkable work of a local artist, carved entirely out of wood. The church vaulting is completely covered with stucco-work.) Chiesa San Marcello (1047, is the most ancient in the village. It houses interesting frescoes and presents a wooden portal carved by local craftsmen on which the date 1697 can still be read) Convent of the Minorities Observant Friars (now a youth hostel) Chiesa SS. Concerzione (in Baroque style, extending along the entire length of one side of the Convent of the Observant Minors, founded in 1589. A majestic painting dedicated to the Virgin dominates the wall above the church's high altar, work of the Flemish painter Spranger. Certain particulars worth noting: in the lower part of the painting, the Franciscan friar holding a book represents the Franciscan philosopher Duns Scoto; in the upper part, the author's self-portrait gazes at the female figure on the opposite side of the painting, perhaps his beloved.) Chiesa Madonna delle Grazie Chiesa San Filippo Neri (17 th century) The Old Quarter Piano dell’Aringo Contrada (Contrada = neighbourhood) “Piazza delle Botteghe” Contrada “Fonte del Vallone” Contrada “Case Cadute” Contrada “Ospedale di san Marco” Contrada “Colle” Contrada “Guardiola” Contrada “Convento” Contrada “Castello” Contrada Casa della Corte Loco detto di sotto il Castello “Antera” Contrada Colle Ardinghi (3 coloured rock – Start of the annual Zingari race) Other churches - Chiesa San Marco - Chiesa Madonna di Loreto - Chiesa Madonna Angeli - Chiesa Madre - Chiesa Annunziata (disused) Where to eat Rist. Taverna de’Caldora (T 086441139) Rist. La Furnacella (T 086441537) Rist. Zio Carlo (T 086441220) Rist. Celidonio (Passo San Leonardo) (T 086441138) Pizzeria Emesto (T 086441284) Pizzeria Stella (T 086441207) Pizzeria Saeculum (T 086441393) (Nearby) - Costa del Gallo (T 086455666) - Masseria La Rocca (T 086453447) Bars - Del popolo (T 086441677) - De Martinis (T 086441681) - La Fonte (T 086441284) - Lucci (T 086441385) - San Marco (T 086441284) Sulmona A medium-sized, bustling, medieval town. Amongst its attractions are: - Corso Ovido - Palace of the Annunziata (13 th century) - Museo Civico - Church of the Annunziata (re-built 18th century) - Via Matteotti - Church of San Panfilo (built over a Roman temple) - Piazza del Carmine - San Fransecesco della Scarpa (13 th century portal) Via Stella - Church of San Gaetano (containing remains from 2 nd – 4 th century A.D.) - Via Mazara - Remains of a house: 1st century B.C. – 2nd century A.D. - Via Petrarca - (As above) - Via corfinio - (As above) - Via dell’Ospedale - Fontanna del Vecchio (1474 aqueduct) - Ovid’s Villa (ruin) - Confetti - Markets on Wednesday & Saturday Where to eat Al Quadrivio (T 0864.55533) Via Mazara, 38 Calimero Notte (T 0864.33952) Via Staz. Introdacqua, 58 Casa Lumiere (T 347.7059704 Via M. Torcia Casa Lumiere (T 393.7470984)Palazzi Celidonio Casa Lumiere (T 328.0066743) Cesidio (T 0864.52724) Piazza Solimo La locanda del fattore (T 0864.251539) V. F. D'Amore, 10 Clara (T 0864.56568) Via Cavour, 29 Clemente (T 0864.52284)Vico Quercia Corte del Dragone (T 0864.51595)Via Ciofano Da Pasquale (T 0864.55479)Via Incoronata Di Mattia (T 0864.52768)Piazza Garibaldi Europa (T 0864.251260) S.S. 17 Frangio (T 0864.212773) Via E. Ciofano, 51 Gino (T 0864.52289)Piazza Plebiscito Hostaria Dell'Arco (T 0864.210553) Via D'Eramo Il Vecchio Murco (T 0864.50595) Via D'Eramo La Roverella (T 0864.55366) C. da marane S. Lucia Le Metamorfosi (T 0864.32570) V. le Matteotti Mafalda (T 0864.34538) Via Solimo, 20 Meeting (T 0864.251696) S.S. 17 Ovidus (T 0864.53824) Circ. Occidentale, 177 Panorama (T 0864.34181) Via Torrone Rigoletto (T 0864.55529) V. Staz. Introdacqua Salvador (T 0864.210447) V. le della Republica Silver (T 0864.251019) V. le dell'Agricoltura, 9 Stella (T 0864.52653) Via Mazara Villa Elena (T 0864.251097) Via Badia, c. da Quadri L'Aquila Gran Sasso (2914m/9560ft) Via Santa Giusta - Church of Santa Giusta (1257) - Martyrdom of St. Stephen (1615) Via Paganica Santa Maria paganica (14 th century façade & carved portal) Piazza del Duomo The Duomo (1257) Piazza di Collemaggio The church of Santa Maria di Collemaggio (13 th century) - Tomb of Pope Celestine V Via di San Bernardino Church of San Bernardino (1454 – 1472) Via San Iacopo Fontanelle delle Novantanove Cannelle Castle Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo (North of L’Aquilla) Ruins of a theatre & amphitheatre of ancient Amiternum Scanno Santa Maria della Valle (built on the remains of a pagan temple) Lago di Scanno Parco Nazionale Maiella North of Sulmona. Pacentro is one of the gateways to it. From Pacentro continue away from Sulmona on the N487. Eventually it forks with the N487 continuing north & the N84 going south. Northwards the N487 goes 1 st to the Passo San Leonardo (1282m) where there is a restaurant & ski run(s). Continue northwards through Caramanico Terme (600m) and other villages. Then either turn left towards Tocco da Casauri or continue along the N487 to Scafa. From either Tocco da Casauri or Scafa turn left along the N5 towards Sulmona or join the A25 motorway, again towards Sulmona. Alternatively, at the N487/N84 junction, turn right along the N84 towards the skiing resort of Campo di Giove (1064m). From here you can turn right to Cansano and back to Pacentro, or you can continue along the N84 to Pescocostanzo and back to Pacentro through Cansano. Pescocostanzo is very close to the villages of Rivisondoli and Roccaraso. Roccaraso is the area’s largest ski resort. Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo South of Sulmona, the N83 from Pescina to Castel di Sangro goes through the spectacular national park (since 1922). A great round trip is to drive from Sulmona to Pescina (on the A25 motorway), take the N83 to Lago di Barrea, then double back along the N479, through Scanno & Anversa degli Abruzzi to Sulmona. Pescasseroli A major information centre for the area Just east of Opi (at the confluence of the F. Melta & F. Sangro) are golden eagles. Slightly further west is the Rist. Nat. Fuedo in Tramonti e Colle di Liccio, a well known beauty spot. Slightly further west again, at Casone Antonucci is a track leading south, past the Rif. Alb, to the Rif. Belvedere Della Liscia, which is somewhat of a centre for wildlife. Further west on the N83 is Lago di Barrea. This is an artificial lake, caused by the damming of the F. Sangro. There are many walking & trekking possibilities from here. Lanciano Civitanova Quarter Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (14 th century portal). Sant’ Agostino (14 th century). San Biagio (begun c.1049). Porta San Bagio (11 th century). Duomo (17 th century bell tower) above Roman bridge Ripa Sacca (Jewish Quarter/Ghetto) Torri Montanara (city walls) Pescara Only 45 minutes drive away is the adriatic coast and mile after mile of beautiful tendered beaches and (normally) completely flat, warm, sea. Behind the coast itself is a large cosmopolitan city with a port and a fishing fleet and ferries to take you accross the adriatic to Croatia. Rome 2 hours away by car. Slightly longer by train or coach. We will leave you to decide what to see and do there! Naples Just over 2 hours away by car. again, slightly longer by train or coach. Again, we will leave you to decide what to see and do there! Note that Naples is very close to Vesuvius, Pompei, Herculaneum ant the Amalfi coast

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