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Nearby Towns and Villages The village of Tresnuraghes is a two minute drive from Magomadas, and is a similarly traditional Sardinian village where time also seems to have stood still! Strangers are looked on with curiosity by the very friendly locals who will always respond to a 'Buongiorno' or ‘Buonasera’. There is everything you need here, minimarkets, butchers, bakers and bars but not with the selection of the supermarkets in Bosa or Macomer. In a different direction is the delightful village of Flussio. This small village is famous for its basket weaving and on warm summer nights you will see many of the inhabitants sat outside working at their craft. Baskets are hung outside by the doorways and it is possible to buy them directly from here. In May you can see the raw material, the stems of the local Asphedol plant, laid out on the pavements to dry. Almost adjoining the village on the same road is Tinnura. This village is well worth a visit. It has some wonderful murals, sometimes taking up the whole walls of houses – these are incredible. There are a couple of small piazza's that are decorated with colourful tiles, murals and delightful fountains. The nearest town of any size to Magomadas is the historical city of Bosa. Set on the banks of the River Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia, its origins go back to Phoenician times. The old historical centre of Bosa spreads up the side of the hill away from the river and is overlooked by the magnificent Malaspina Castle. The houses here are multi coloured and are built in a traditional tall, thin design. The walk up through the cobbled street leading up to the castle is well worth the effort and the views take in the town, and Bosa Marina with its beach and the sea. The promenade beside the river is palm tree lined and from here you can look at the many fishing and pleasure boats moored on the river banks. Bosa has many pavement bars and cafes, as well as shops, museums, churches and a cathedral. It is possible to buy many examples of local, traditional crafts which still exist today such as the fine filigree lace work 'filet', baskets, filigree gold and silver, coral, cork and rugs and tapestries. Bosa is also famous for its wine 'Malvasia' which is only produced in a small area around the town. A wonderful wine, which can be either sweet or dry and makes a great accompaniment to the local pastries or on its own as a dessert wine. Although Bosa has a lot to interest and entertain the visitor it is, above all, a living and working town. It is still possible to see old gentlemen sat outside weaving lobster pots and old ladies, dressed in black, sat at their looms weaving patterns from ancient tales onto the famous Bosa filet. The small village of Modolo is also a delightful village in the heart of the valley overlooked by Magomadas. About 30 minutes drive towards the mountains is the much bigger city of Macomer and an hour or so further on is the mountain town of Nuoro, which is really worth a visit but watch the roads in Winter!! Macomer has two huge supermarkets (quite a bit bigger than those in Bosa) where you can stock up for the week!!

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