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Beaches in Albufeira

In Albufeira, Praia dos Barcos is a very popular beach renowned for the array of fishermen’s colourful boats that line the one end of this rock-protected beach.

Known as ‘Fisherman’s Beach’ because the fishermen still unload their boats and mend their nets here, and at night you can see the lanterns on the fishermen’s boats. The beach is reached through a tunnel next to the tourist information office.

As an alternative, you can find the family-friendly shallow waters and soft white sand on Praia da Sao Rafael. With beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue seas, this pretty bay is ideal for snorkelling or investigating the surrounding caves.

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Fishing Harbour, Albufeira (4.3 mi/7.0 km) Bull Fighting (5.0 mi/8.0 km) MARINA DE ALBUFEIRA (5.6 mi/9.0 km) Casino de Vilamoura (6.2 mi/10.0 km) Baroque Church, S. Lourenco (National Monument) (12.4 mi/20.0 km) Moorish Castel of Silves (21.8 mi/35.0 km) Palace Gardens and Roman Ruins (24.9 mi/40.0 km) Faro (Capital of Algarve) (24.9 mi/40.0 km)

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VACATION RENTAL: A Two Bedroom Apartment At The Clube Albufeira Resort - Casa Katie
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Prices from GBP350

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VACATION RENTAL: Lovely 3 Bedroom airconditioned apartment on popular Clube Albufeira complex
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Prices from GBP400

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VACATION RENTAL: Great Apartment with panoramic views on "Windmill Hill" - GOOD VALUE
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Prices from EUR230

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