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Mingle with royalty and film stars in Marbella

Marbella - one of Europe's most exclusive holiday resorts

Formerly a small Andalusian fishing-village, Marbella is now known as one of the most exciting holiday resorts along the Mediterranean coast being frequented by royalty and film stars.

The climate averages 18 degrees all the year round.

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Just 40 minutes from Malaga Airport and the centre of Malaga. Near to all the main centes along the Costa del Sol. The resort of Elviria is just 8 mins down the hill with a large selection of beaches, beach restaurants, shops and cafes, bars and clubs. The larger resorts of Marbella and Porta Banus are 15 - 20 mins drive from the apartment. The Rhonda region is about 1 hours drive, Grenada and Seville about 1.5 hours drive, both well worth a visit. There are pleanty of small Andulusian whitewashed towns to visit such as Mijas, Ojen. Ferangerola has a wonderful waterpark, great fun for the children, just 15 minutes away. There is also watersports and go-carting just 15 mins drive on the outskirts of Marbella. Marbella is a beautiful town with a lovely promanade where you can walk all the way into Porta Banus. Marbella Old Town is steeped in history with wonderful shops, restaurants and churches to explore amongst its lovely cobbled streets. Porta Banus has a wonderful flashy port with amazing yaghts, cars and restaurants, a great place for shopping and people watching.

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