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Alanya (formerly known as Coracesium) is a seaside resort in the Turkish province of Antalya

Alanya, a small but rapidly-growing town on the south coast of Turkey, makes a beautiful holiday destination with its rocky promontory and castle visible for miles offering superb views of its two long sandy beaches and surrounding mountains.

The harbour is commanded by the 35m high Red Tower, a hexagonal structure built in 1226. There are several caves around the base of the cliffs, including a phosperous cave, a pirate cave and a lovers’ cave. The best known is the stalactite-hung Damlatas Cave, said to provide relief from asthma. The internal temperature registers a steady 23 degrees.

Alanya is host to numerous fish restaurants and cafes and bars. In August, when Alanya hosts a colourful International Folklore Festival the atmosphere is charged with vitality and gaiety.

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More and more choose the town of Mahmutlar for their holiday home. Mahmutlar offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, green and pretty scenery and a long beach promenade. In the centre of Mahmutlar are shops, restaurants, bars, pharmacies and supermarkets. The town is surrounded by large banana plantations and the Taurus Mountains, and the usual twice weekly market. Alanya Alanya's tourist resort is located on Turkey's Mediterranean coast and is often referred to as the Pearl of the Turkish Riveria and is only 2.5 hours by ferry to the picturesque shores of Northern Cyprus (Kyrenia). The large popular resort centre of Alanya lies at one end of a rocky promontory which juts out into the Mediterranean between two long sandy beaches. Alanya is a beautiful holiday resort of modern hotels, numerous fish restaurants and cafes, bars as well as large European supermarkets and wholesale stores. There is also the old town which is a maze of meandering streets and alleyways tempting shoppers with their colourful boutiques and stalls. As well as its cultural and historical sights, Alanya has unbeatable beach life too. Beautiful sandy Cleopatra Beach lies to the west of the resort while the fine sands of Alanya Kekybut beach stretch to the east. A good range of water-sports are available too. Alanya Castle is the only Seljuk’s castle which has been preserved until the present day. In 1225 Selçuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat built the castle on top of the Roman ruins. The castle is a treasure chest of history. Inside the castle ramparts there are Agios Georgios Church, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mosque, Akþebe Sultan Tomb, the Seljuk Baths, the artisans' shops, the bazaar's storage rooms, the tomb of Zitti Zeynep, the Palace of Sultan Alaaddin, big and small cisterns, a lighthouse and a dungeon. The Red Tower (Kýzýl Kule) was built in 1226. The five-storey tower is octagonal. The main support structure of the tower also serves as a cistern. The bottom floor of the tower is now an ethnographic museum. The nightlife is easy-going and relaxed with a wide choice of nightspots located at the edge of town. Take your pick from lively bars to late-night discos for real night owls. Dim cave is one of the most beautiful caves of Turkey. It is suitable for a visit as is at the vicinity of Alanya and as the environment is covered with forests and picnic sites. Because the cave was used as a shelter by prehistoric and historic periods, the cave was called as "Gavurini Cave" by the local people. Treat yourself to this Turkish paradise; it will be love at first sight.

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Two long sandy beaches, a large harbour, vast caves and a huge headland with magnificent views from the Selcuk castle on the top are just some of the things that Alanya has to offer. Friday is market day and the market is set close to the ‘dolmus’ station and one of the two large bazaars. From the harbour you can book a relaxing day out on a boat, which includes sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling a BBQ (with wine & beer incl’) either on the boat or on a secluded beach. LOCAL AREA INFORMATION: The region has many places of historic interest and scenic places to visit. Alanya Castle is worth a leisurely exploration. With 150 towers and 7 km of walls snaking across the hillsides and down to the waters edge, it provided more than ample protection for the garrison and the civilians inside. The military headquarters (inner castle) was built by Selcuk leader Alaeddin Keykubad in 1226 at the summit of the peak, offering breathtaking panoramic views from its battlements. Pamukkale – (Turkish for Cotton Castle) - Since time immemorial, hot mineral springs high on the plateau have cascaded down the mountainside depositing and forming calcium basins known as travertines. You can bathe in these hot health giving waters in Cleopatra’s Pool Manavgat - market boasts a thousand different stalls for you to test your bartering skills. You can walk away with the ‘genuine fakes’ for a fraction of the price you would pay back home. A cruise down the scenic river, free time on the beach and a barbecue lunch will make a perfect day out. Perge - was one of the most popular cities in ancient Pamphylia originally settled in 1500BC it was founded on a wide plain to the NE of Antalya. Enter the city through the Hellenistic gates which are flanked by two lofty towers, this leads you to an impressive colonnaded way that was once lined with busy shops and colourful mosaics. Inside the city walls you will see Roman Baths showing the ingenious underground heating system. Aspendos – is the best preserved ancient amphitheatre in the civilised world, it is carved out of mountainside which probably accounts for its survival. 95% original it has survived earthquakes an all nature can through at it ! The acoustics are superb, it is said if you drop a coin in the stage area you can hear it whilst seated up in the ‘gods’ The site is still used in the summer months for concerts, whether for opera, ballet or orchestras. All of the above excursions you can organise yourself with the numerous tour operators in Alanya centre - most trips include lunch or evening meal. However - I would recommend you compare prices as they do tend to vary, if there are a few of you don’t be afraid to haggle for ‘best price’

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