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Side is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean, approx. 75 kms. from Antalya.

This lovely town is built on a small peninsula and is, therefore, surrounded by water.

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The apartment is within a few minutes walk of a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants. The Side Saturday market is also only 5-10 minutes walk away. There are a number of ways of getting to the beach and Side town. We always walk, it takes about 20 minutes, but you can get the 'Dolmus' bus from the next road down (about 2 minutes walk). This minibus service runs every few minutes, stops exactly where you want it too and costs about 1 Euro. You can use the bus to go to the beach, to Side or to Manavgat (the local large town). A final method is to find out which beach bars are running a free shuttle service, many of them do. They will pick up in the morning, take you to the beach and then bring you back in the evening. They just ask that you use their sunbeds during the day. Some do not even charge for use of the sunbed, knowing you are likely to buy your drinks from their bar and perhaps some food. It sounds like there could be a catch but there really isn't. The area is full of history. Side itself was an important harbour before and during Roman times and was the stamping ground of Anthony and Cleopatra. It's unique amphitheatre is used for a music festival in September. Behind the 'Town Beach' is an extensive area of Roman Side, where many ruins can be seen together with the occasional tortoise and any number of lizards. Further afield, you can take trips up the Manavgat River to see the waterfalls. There is the Olympinar Dam, one of the largest in Turkey, the Aspendos amphitheatre and plenty of other sites. You can play golf in Belek (Side is building its own courses soon) and learn how to scuba dive in the Mediterranean. If you come at the right time of the year you can ski in the morning at Sakklikent and swim in the Med in the afternoon. If you want nightclubs, Side has those too. Club Oxyd is just a short walk from the apartment and in town there is the Lighthouse and a number of others. The beachfront bars also have dancing after the meals have finished. There is something for everything in and around Side, whatever time of year you visit.

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VACATION RENTAL: Duplex apartment within walking distance of Side town and beaches
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