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Situated at the highest point in the region Uchisar is a small sleepy town, but makes an excellent base from which to explore the unique Cappadocian landscape.


Uchisar is well-known for its extraordinary rock formation towering above the landscape which is visible for miles, but incredibly, has escaped the tourist masses experienced by its neighbours Goreme or Avanos.

Spread out at the base of the fortress, where the top of the citadel provides a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area, Uchisar is a place where time altogether stands still.

A good way to plan a day sightseeing would be to travel to Dovecote Valley and then onward to the valley of Goreme. Here you can visit the Church of John The Baptist at Cavusin - the oldest surviving church in Cappadocia.
Cresting above the valley are rocky channels that look more like pink and yellow sand dunes, Uchisar is a good place to begin a walking tour because it's down hill in every direction.

You will also notice Pigeon Valley, named for it's mass of nesting holes painted white to attract the birds and their valuable droppings. In days gone by the pigeon holes were hollowed out to gather droppings could help them fertilise their fields.

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Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa - Local Area Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa is is nestled among the rock carved dwellings of Uchisar 60 kilometers from Nevsehir Airport and 90 kilometers from Kayseri Airport. It is 276 kilometers from Turkey’s capital of Ankara and 730 kilometers from Istanbul. Cappadocia, one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey, is visited every year by hundred thousands of visitors from every part of the world. The area is a wealth of culture, art and history, stunning scenery and wildlife, adventure, spirituality, intriguing cuisine and a multitude of traditions. In the ancient Persian language, Cappadocia was called “Katpatuka,” which meant "Land of the Good - Breed Horses" or “Land of the Beautiful Horses.” Today, Cappadocia is accepted as one of the world's seven wonders, one of those rare regions in the world where the works of man blend unobtrusively into the natural surroundings. Its beauty is the result of ancient volcanic eruptions, a large tableland of spectacular rock formations and valleys where the weather has eroded the stone into peaks, cones and obelisks called fairy chimneys. It is hard to find a country like Turkey, so be prepared for a spectacular experience in this truly amazing place. Luxe Top 10 must see attractions Urgup Urgup is the center of the Cappadocia’s unique rock formations of “fairy chimneys.” It is about a 30 minute drive from the hotel. Avanos Avanos is the center of original pottery making in the Cappadocia Region. You can also find jewelry shops in this area. Goreme Goreme is the center of the most unique fairy chimneys, valleys and cave Christian Churches. You can also find handmade jewelery and carpet making artisans. Uchisar Castle Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa is situated below the Uchisar Castle. The highest point provides spectacular views of Cappadocia. Hot Air Balloon Ride An early morning one hour hot air balloon ride over the spectacular Cappadocian landscape includes escorted transport from/to hotel, champagne and flight certificate. Horseback Riding Explore the valleys and paths of Cappadocia, unreachable by other means. This activity does justice to the name of Cappadocia, "Land of the Beautiful Horses.” A full day tour includes visits to some of the fascinating frescoed and rock carved churches of the Göreme, an open-air museum, a visit to the historic village of Cavusin, lunch and much more. Tours of Cappadocia There are a variety of tours offered depending upon your interest and activity level. Here is a sample of one: Begin with a visit to the Uchisar Castle, then continue across the fertile plains of Cappadocia to the multilevel underground city of Derinkuyu. Proceed to the sheer-sided canyon of Ihlara. Enjoy a four kilometer hike through the Ihlara Valley to Belisirma Village. After lunch, leave for Selime and visit this surreal town and several rock hewn churches. Travel the Silk Road back to Cappadocian Natural Park, en route stop at the well-preserved Agzikarahan Caravanserai, before returning back to the hotel. Discover the Hidden Treasures – A Tour This tour is specially designed to discover the hidden treasures of Cappadocia. The first stop is at the fascinating multilevel underground city of Kaymakli. Continue to Soganli Valley, also known as the Valley of Dolls with its many Byzantine period rock tombs, enjoying a leisurely hike and exploring the Armenian style churches, monastery ruins and remote villages. Lifestyle Walking Tour The walking tour takes you into many spectacular lesser-known valleys, as the Pigeon’s Valley, the White Valley for a visit with the local people, rock-hewn villages and unspoiled sights in the Central Anatolia plateau "Cappadocia."

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