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Miami's most famous street

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is Miami's most famous street, located in the southern part of Miami Beach known as SoBe to locals.

High in the fashion stakes, it is not surprising that here one trendy boutique hotel follows the other, and there is a plethera of bars, cafes, lounges and restaurants.

There are trenedy fashion boutiques, and it's not surprising that many model agencies have their base here. At times, Ocean Drive seems like a giant public catwalk for the promenading masses of beautiful people.

One building you cannot enter is the Mediterranean revival Amsterdam Palace which the late fashion designer Gianni Versace purchased in 1993.

The white sand of South Beach stretches for miles, and it's the contrast of white sand and turqoise water that makes the ideal backdrop for the picturesque Art Deco buildings that have made Miami Beach famous around the world. South Beach is also one of the very few beaches in the U.S. where topless sunbathing is not only allowed, but also considered normal. For more sportive types, there are volleyball nets everywhere, and the promenade along Ocean Drive is ideal for jogging and inline skating.

Ocean Drive is where everything that is generally considered "Miami" is gathered: beautiful people, Art Deco buildings, tropical cocktails and latino music blaring from most establishments.

A jungle of restaurants and funky stores

Lincoln Road Mall

This up and coming pedestrian-only street mall in South Beach has many specialty shops and an assortment of restaurants.

The jungle of restaurants and funky stores stretch eight blocks from Alton Rd. to Washington Ave. Restaurants line the strip, all with outdoor seating that's perfect for people watching.

In between the restaurants, there are also unusual shops and European clothing stores. You can find anything from a large bronze Buddha to '50s furniture to beach wear.

One of the most recognisable buildings of Lincoln Road Mall is the Lincoln Theatre, originally one of five movie theatres on Lincoln Road and now home to the New World Symphony and a popular venue for classic, jazz and Latin musicians.

There are also some modern art museums and galleries and a large 18-screen movie theatre at the very edge of Lincoln Road Mall at the corner of Alton Road.

A colourful shopping and entertainment district

Espanola Way

Based between Washington and Drexel Avenues, this tiny pretty enclave is a longtime favourite of the bohemian crowd. With its Mediterranean Revival buildings, Espaņola Way is a historic Spanish village located in the Art Deco District of South Beach. With Mediterranean Revival buildings dating back to the 1920s, Espaņola Way proves a colourful shopping and entertainment district designed to attract residents and visitors alike with its unusual shops, restaurants and art galleries.

Every weekend,this ordinary street transforms itself into one of South Beach's premier cultural venues and hosts the Espaņola Way Weekend Festival where visitors may enjoy live music as well as an open-air market, where they can shop for handmade crafts, clothing, candles, flowers and more.

Espaņola Way is located in the area bounded by 14th and 15th Streets and Washington and Jefferson Streets.

Kinky clothes and tattoos!

Collins and Washington Avenues

Both Collins and Washington Drives are much scruffier that Ocean Drive - many of the stores sell kinky clothes and tattoos! That having been said, many of Miami's best nightclubs can be found in this area.

Collins Avenue, was carved out parallel
to the beach when Miami Beach was first developing. Today Collins Avenue, also known as State Road A1A is the main artery of Miami Beach stretches almost to the Broward County line.

With most of its sand imported several decades ago, the vast sands of Miami Beach are very impressive.

Central Miami Beach

The beach can become extremely busy particularly during the tourist season due to its popularity with surfers.

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