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Situated in the south west corner of Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône is the land of Van Gogh, bright colours and shifting sands.

Named after the mouth of the Rhône River, Bouches-du-Rhône is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790.

Many of the inland towns here reflect the region’s Greek and Roman past. The skeleton of a Roman aqueduct runs between a spring at Uzes to a water tower at Nimes. Wetland marshes and sand dunes of the Camargue wildlife reserve lie at the mouth of the Rhone.

Popular with holiday makers, Marseille and Cassis are two of the popular coastal towns in this region. Getting around the area is easy if you hire a car as the auto routes are fast and take you past the slower routes through the small towns.

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VACATION RENTAL: Le Mas d'Henriette, a large traditional French Farm house in Provence.
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Prices from EUR2,500

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VACATION RENTAL: Large Villa with 5 en-suite bedrooms.Heated pool. 2 acres private woodlands
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Prices from GBP1,950

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VACATION RENTAL: A spacious, quiet, central apartment close to the beaches in the South of France
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Prices from EUR680

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VACATION RENTAL: Catered Villa with all en-suite bedrooms near Baux de Provence. Heated pool.
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Prices from GBP295

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VACATION RENTAL: Cassis Holiday Rental - Seaside Mediterranean vacation Villa
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Prices from EUR1,080

Popular Towns/Cities for adverts within Bouches-du-rhone

MAUSSANE HOLIDAY RENTALS - BOUCHES-DU-RHONE   MAUSSANE HOLIDAY RENTALS 2 adverts present in our database with 1 Detached Home Listing, 1 Hotel/Guest House Listing

CASSIS HOLIDAY RENTALS - BOUCHES-DU-RHONE   CASSIS HOLIDAY RENTALS 2 adverts present in our database with 1 Villa Listing, 1 Apartment Listing

SENAS HOLIDAY RENTALS - BOUCHES-DU-RHONE   SENAS HOLIDAY RENTALS 1 adverts present in our database with 1 Barn/Farm Building Listing

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