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Kefalonia is one the largest of the Ionian Islands in the southern half of the Ionian chain that runs down the west coast of Greece.

An island of contrasts from shores to mountains, green, like Corfu but much more mountainous, the island has become particularly popular with tourist since the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin was filmed here in 2000. The success of the film has inspired even more people to book holidays in Kefalonia and seek out this attractive Greek island and its glorious sunshine, peace & tranquility.

With approximately 365 villages on this large and diverse island, Kefalonia has a mountainous interior and resorts spread widely around the long coastline offering stunning scenery, exceptional beaches (sandy in the south, and pebbly in the north), with crystal-clear turquoise waters and secluded sandy coves.

Kefalonia offers something for all tastes - beach lovers and walkers – families and couples will all feel at home here.

Transport is a must in Kefalonia as public transport has a tendency to be infrequent. Places to visit include the Castle at Assos, the famous Katavothres (swallow holes) in Lassi, Mellissani Lake and Drogarati Caves. You should experience the panoramic views from the towering Mount Énos, which sits 1,628 metres above sea level. Its slopes are covered with tall, cedar-like fir trees that grow nowhere else in the world.

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