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Mallorca (or Majorca) - the ideal holiday destination

Mallorca, the largest of Balearic Islands, is often likened to a continent rather than simply an island.

Without a doubt the island with something for everyone. Visit Majorca for relaxation and water sports in hideaway coves or all night parties in lively resorts, superb beaches, stunning sights and as much or as little action as you could ask for. If you’re looking for lively beaches and a vibrant atmosphere after dark, head southwest for Magaluf and Palma Nova. Meanwhile, Puerto Pollensa and Cala d’Or in the North are much more relaxed with a typically Majorcan ambience

The island's mild climate, lovely beaches, beautiful scenery, culture and wide range of attractions to suit all tastes have made it a number one favourite package holiday destination. Along with it's sister islands of Menorca and Ibiza, Mallorca, lies in the Mediterranean Sea off the south east coast of mainland Spain.

The onset of cheap flights to the Meditteranean has meant that Mallorca is an ideal place to visit for a main summer holiday or weekend break. Generally the resorts to the south of the island are more popular with young people seeking plenty of nightlife. However, Mallorca offers a holiday for all ages. There are plenty of quieter resorts for those seeking a more restful vacation!

Son Sant Joan, located just outside the capital Palma, is the main tourist airport. A word of caution - when leaving the island be sure to leave enough time to get from check in to the departure gates as the distance is more than you would perhaps expect!

The boom in package tourism since the 1960s has made mallorca one of the wealthiest regions in Spain and today, tourism accounts for 90% of the island's income. Unsurprisingly, such an important source of money has become closely tied to local politics. The government of the Balaeric Islands has a degree of autonomy and can introduce measures - such as the eco-tax on tourists - which affect tourism revenue.


Toad in a Hole

There is no more amazing survivor than the critically endangered Mallorcan midwife toad. Long-thought extinct, due to disturbance of its habitat, a pocket of surviving toads was discovered in the Serra de Tramuntana in 1980.

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VACATION RENTAL: Luxury 3 bedroom airconditioned holiday apartment with pool to rent
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Prices from GBP300

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VACATION RENTAL: Luxury Townhouse
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VACATION RENTAL: Nice apartment in Port de Soller close to the beach.
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VACATION RENTAL: Detached Villa near Pollensa, Mallorca, Balearics, Private Pool, Panoramic Views
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Prices from GBP550

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VACATION RENTAL: Luxury Majorca Holiday Villa Stunning views, sleeps 8 from only £550
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SOLLER HOLIDAY RENTALS - MAJORCA   SOLLER HOLIDAY RENTALS 1 adverts present in our database with 1 Town House Listing

POLLENSA HOLIDAY RENTALS - MAJORCA   POLLENSA HOLIDAY RENTALS 1 adverts present in our database with 1 Villa Listing

PUERTO POLLENSA HOLIDAY RENTALS - MAJORCA   PUERTO POLLENSA HOLIDAY RENTALS 1 adverts present in our database with 1 Apartment Listing

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