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The sandy beaches here are famous for their shells

Lee Island Coast

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are popular for visitors to the Lee Island Coast. These islands, and others, can be reached by regular boat services, tours or charters.

Former home of the Koreshan Unity sect

Koreshan State Historic Site

In 1894, the sect's founder, Dr CyrusTeed, had a vision telling him to change his name to Koresh and to move to the soutwest of Florida, where he was to establish a great utopian city with streets 400feet wide.

He chose this beautiful location on the Estero River, where members pursued a communal lifestyle, with equal rights for women and shared ownership of property.

Twelve of the sect's 60 buildings and their gardens still survive; they include Cyrus Teed's home, which has been completely restored.

The park has canoe and nature trails, camping facilities, opportunities fro fresh and saltwater fishing and guided tours.

View the ranch's herds of bison, horses and cattle

Babcock Wilderness Adventures

The Crescent B Ranch, a working ranch of 90,000 acres, is run by the Babcock family.

Panthers are bred here, and alligators and other wildlife can be seen on an organised trip through swamps and woods.

It is a pleasure to stroll around the old cattle ranching town of Arcadia


Some Arcadian architecture reflects the prosperity of the 1920s, which includes the Schlossberg Camp Building on West Magnolia Street.

In March and July each year, the All-Florida Championship Rodeo is held here in Arcadia. This attracts visitors from many parts of America.

The perfect hideaway midway between Sarasota and Fort Myers

Gasparilla Island

Discovered originally by fishermen, activity is centred around the community of Boca Grande which is joined by a causeway to the mainland. The restored former railroad station, the San Marco Theater, and the grand Gasparilla Inn are eloquent reminders of times past. many old wooden buildings have been saved and given a fresh coat of paint, giving the place a pleasant, tropical feel.

Fishing has been big business here for a long time - Boc Grande ids known as the 'tarpon capital of the world' - and theres are a number of marinas where you can arrange boat trips, some of which go to the nearby barrier islands.

Another way to explore is to follow the bike trail that runs down the island along the route of an old train track.


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